How Quitting Masturbation Can Increase Your Manliness


Manliness is a dying art.

See if you can relate with any of the following:

Are there times when you feel your libido draining from you like the retreating waves at the shore?

Do you find yourself increasing in weight in areas of your body you would rather not?

Are you going through a phase of depression, mood swings, and irritability?

Do you find yourself without drive or motivation to go all out and get things done?

Do you find it difficult to rise up to the occasion and be a man?

Do you watch porn and masturbate all too frequently?

If your answer to all these – especially the last question – is yes, then, you just might need to learn how to gain your masculinity and manliness again.

Below are some of the reasons you are finding it hard to manifest your manliness.


Masturbation and Pornography Depletes The Very Heart of Manliness

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From a biological standpoint, testosterone is the sex hormone is the singular most important hormone that makes you a man. It is mainly produced in that sack of balls that hang between your thighs. It is also released in large amounts when the male seed is expelled from the body. From the development of sexual organs to the deepening of the voice and broadening of the shoulders, testosterone is the orchestrator behind the scenes that enable your body go through these physical changes. It is also responsible for allowing your brain develop very differently from that of a woman. This is why your needs, wants, emotional responses and drives are way different from that of a woman.

When your testosterone levels are balanced it reflects in your general feeling of health and well-being. Your mental health is improved and your physical fettle is not left behind. Your drive improves considerably and you are able to focus more and get your tasks done on time. Testosterone improves your body metabolism and of course, your libido is healthy.

Unfortunately, it is becoming more of a trend these days to find seemingly able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 30 battling with the same problems I enumerated.

There has been a great decrease in the average testosterone levels of men nowadays than it has ever been at any point in history. This should not be surprising in light of the increased availability of pornography on the internet. And this ever-available stream of porn makes it even easier to masturbate. Men were not designed to spill their seed as frequently as masturbation and pornography make them to. With each episode of ejaculation, vast amounts of testosterone are released into the environment – instead of within you where they would have the best chance to do their job of masculinizing you.

You may not realize it, but your decision to continue ‘milking your meat’ is costing you the very essence of your masculinity.


Masturbation Addiction and Pornography Prevents The Sun From Giving You Manliness

masturbation addiction, porn addiction, manliness

One of the goods that come along with an addiction to masturbation and porn is this – you are deprived of sunlight. I know some of you might be wondering what this has to do with anything. Actually, it has a lot! You see, science has revealed that sunlight plays a crucial role in producing the much-needed Vitamin D in your body. And in case you are not aware, an increase in your Vitamin D levels is directly associated with a correlating increase in your testosterone levels.

Now, here’s the thing. When you masturbate and watch pornography all day, you really do not want to do anything outdoors. All you want to do is to lay in bed and play video games while trying to ease away the feelings of guilt surrounding your most recent masturbation session. This is in great contrast to the way our forefathers spent their day. They spent the bulk of their time outdoors, basking in Vitamin D-producing sunlight. Needless to say, their testosterone levels were at high levels and as such, they were able to lead a life of manliness to the fullest!


Masturbation Addiction and Pornography Messes Up Your Diet With Consequences

masturbation addiction, porn addiction, manliness

When you spend your time masturbating and watching pornography, you lose motivation to do anything. This is because your reward centers in your brain have been reconfigured and the only thing you are able to get satisfaction from is masturbation and pornography addiction. The implication of this on your diet is that you would be unable to develop the drive to do the most basic things, such as cooking your own meals. For instance, if you are unable to cook your meals, your brain starts looking for shortcuts since your body has energy needs. The only shortcuts to meeting your energy needs are the sugar-laden drinks and snacks, as well as the bad fat-drenched fast-food meals. Within months, your entire body becomes a spherical ball of fat.

Asides from being unable to fit into your trousers, this study, as well as this, reveal that being obese is associated with very low levels of testosterone. This means that your ability to manifest manliness is severely impaired!


Masturbation Addiction, Pornography, and The Propensity For Hot Showers

Masturbation addiction

As evidenced here, I am an advocate for cold showers.

When you indulge in masturbation to pornography, you’d find your brain getting rewired for shortcuts. This means that you would tend to totally avoid uncomfortable situations and circumstances that would have stimulated growth. However, it seems that the body has its way of punishing you, especially when you decide to embrace the status quo and resist opportunities for growth. Research has revealed that there could be an association between taking hot baths and decreased testosterone levels. If this is true, one of the things you could do to boost your manliness is to take a cold shower. Added bonus if you can pull it off when the weather is frigging cold!


Masturbation Addiction and Pornography Mess Up The Biological Clock And Reduce The Essence Of Manliness

masturbation addiction, porn addiction, manliness

Many people who watch porn and masturbate do so at night when the rest of the world is asleep. It only makes sense for them to do so since the risks of being caught is decreased dramatically. Unfortunately, when a man masturbates and watches porn into the early hours of the morning, he ends up being sleep deprived, groggy and unmotivated to face the tasks of the day.

When you do this, you are cheating yourself!

You see, even more research has revealed that there is a great association between reduced sleep and low testosterone levels. This is because low sleep duration, as well as poor sleep quality, makes it difficult for the body to maintain the balance of hormones in the body, including testosterone. It also does not help matters that the body is likely to produce high levels of testosterone when a man is in the realm of deep REM sleep. 

You can also add to the mix that REM sleep doesn’t only boost your testosterone levels, but is important in consolidating your memory. In other words, you become way smarter than your peers!

If that is not manly enough for you, I do not know what else is….


Do You Constantly Find Yourself Struggling With Masturbation, Pornography, and Other Destructive Habits? In 30 DAYS, You Could Well Be On Your Path To Freedom and Restoration So That You Can Unleash The Myriads of Possibilities and Potential Trapped Within Your Inner Man...
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Do You Struggle With Masturbation, Pornography, and Other Destructive Habits?

You Could Be On Your Path To Freedom and Restoration So That You Can Unleash The Myriads of Possibilities and Potential Trapped Within You

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Do You Constantly Find Yourself Struggling With Masturbation, Pornography, and Other Destructive Habits?

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