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How To Brainwash Yourself Into Success

There is a powerful concept that can change the quality of your relationships, as well as your life as it did mine. In fact, I can wholeheartedly say that this is one of the most valuable concepts that I have personally learned to apply to my life. Here it is: If you ever want to attain any level of success, self-confidence and prosperity in your life and relationships, you need to learn to brainwash yourself!  Yes, I just said that! Brainwash yourself! Brainwash Yourself, Or Others Will A harsh reality you have to be conscious of is the fact that

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You Have Counsel At All Times

Do you want to be wise? Are you searching for counsel for your life? What if I told you this: You are wiser than you think and you can do far greater that what you are allowing yourself to do. This is because you have counsel wrapped up within your spirit at every given time! I believe the Bible is the most potent book in this world. It has the power to turn your life and destiny around for the best! I used to be a bit wary of quoting the Bible too much on this site, because I felt

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masturbation addiction

Masturbation Addiction and Pornography Can Prevent You From Thinking BIG

One thing is certain: Masturbation addiction and pornography will prevent you from thinking big! Another thing that is as certain as the first statement is this: Many guys cannot think big! So, I guess it is safe to infer that there are so many guys that are held captive by the shackles of masturbation addiction and pornography! Notice my choice of words. I did not say many guys will not think big. Rather, I said, they cannot think big. Will has more to do with choice, while cannot has more to do with ability. Nowadays, it seems mediocrity is the new normal and any attempt you make towards

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