Lessons from cold showers

4 Lessons I learnt From Taking 1352 Cold Showers

    Growing up, I remember my mom getting up very early to boil water for my younger brother and I to take our baths. At some point in high school, I stopped doing warm baths. Looking back, it was probably because I was lazy since I would have needed to get up earlier to boil the water myself. For all my bravado regarding using cold water, it’s funny how I was never tempted to use it during the cold harmattan season. Motivating myself to take my bath…to use warm water was a big challenge back then. Numerous times, I considered just

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The power of broken windows

How Broken Windows Have Been Affecting You…And You Didn’t Know It!

  Let’s imagine for a moment that you were walking through a neighborhood you are not familiar with. How would you feel if all the houses in that area had shattered windows and doors looking like Coke cans squeezed until the last drop? If you are in any way like me, you’d feel unsafe and would probably want to leave that neighborhood faster than a sneeze.     Actually, some months back, I found myself in such situation. I was walking through an unfamiliar community and I noticed that almost all buildings were in some state of disrepair. You know,

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how to create your luck

4 Powerful Ways To Create Your Own “Luck”

The year was 2014 and I was in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. In my place of work at the time, I was part of about 20 people selected to undergo a training that would equip me with the skills needed to be part of a medical outreach team for 5 days. I was going to be paid for partaking in the training and also for being a part of the outreach. Well, the script did not actually pan out that way. First, due to a blackout in my neighborhood, I was unable to charge my phone. This meant that I was clueless

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